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The world is cold, locked up and guarded. Negativity surrounds us at every turn. We tread the line of extinction with greed, hate, and malice. We forget how to retrieve the sincerity and innocence of youth; days where we could feel vulnerable and limitless without consequence. 

My passion is capturing the profound allure in the vulnerability of the human. When we are born, we have no other choice- naked and susceptible, we rely on others to grow us. We are regarded as precious and adorable. As we age, experience takes us from that natural state of precious, making vulnerable moments brief and intimate; sensual and gratifying. We become the growers of ourselves. In these moments, pure beauty of the human form reveal themselves, permitting us again to be accessible and ambrosial.

John D. Brant is a native of that one place in New Jersey.  He was transplanted to Kansas City as a teenager, where he discovered his passion for the art of photography.  He graduated from SVA in New York in 2004 and returned to Kansas City.   His work tends to focus on the human form and raw emotion that comes from the twist of virtue and desire.

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